Cleaning Handbags and Shoes

Price Guide


Item Price in SGD*
Athletic shoes $15
Other shoes $20
Boots from $30
Wallets from $20
Bags from $40


Item Price in SGD*
Other shoes from $50
Boots from $100
Wallets from $70
Bags from $100

Other Services

Item Price in SGD*
Water protection from $10
Moisturizing from $20 (Complimentary with cleaning service)
Degreasing from $50
Transparent coating from $100


Item Price in SGD*
Charcoal $9.90
ColorWash Soft Cleaner Wipe $4.90
ColorWash Protection Wipe $4.90
Pedag® Polishing cloth $5.90
Tarrago® Cleaner $12.90
Tarrago® Balm $12.90
Tarrago® Patent Cleaner (All Color) $15.00
Tarrago® Protection Spray $15.90
*Please note:Prices are dependent on the size, condition and material of the items